Personal Power for Women

The world we know today is not the world we grew up with. We are witnessing major challenges in the outer world: global warming, hunger, migration, over consumption, terrorism and an environment crisis and we want to find a way to play a more conscious role in shaping the future.

At work women have never been more prepared and never have had more opportunities. Yet many women are opting out of corporate life and choosing to go their own way. We are learning that having it all also means conflicting agendas and stress.

However, women have a vital role to play in this century and each of us embodies the power to influence, to decide, to lead and to stir up change.

Women's feminine leadership is the key to transforming organizations, communities and us. Long-term change has to happen in a new model where values such as integrity, compassion, listening, receiving and a win-win approach to negotiation play key roles. Feminine Leadership inspires authenticity, caring and sharing, a new leadership style and feminine ways of doing business. Balance is the key.

Feminine leadership is about taking the next step, it is about creating a life that has possibilities without the stress, it is about combining two worlds and not having to choose between either/or. It is about giving hope, a sense of community and living simpler and a more fulfilling life.

Feminine Leadership is not just about gender. Feminine Leadership focuses on total diversity, recognizing that everybody is part of an interdependent system.

  • If you are constantly trying to win the award for "best" wife, mother, lover, career woman, homemaker, daughter, and friend,
  • If you feel the pressure of having to "act and think like a man" in order to be successful in today's business world?
  • If you wish to deal with this pressure in a more feminine way?
  • If you wish that you could relax more and simply toss away the roles you play day in and day out?
  • If you feel that you have a calling but do not know how to follow it as your day is anyway too full,
Then you have found your HOME in this site.

Our mission is to develop, empower and create a feminine leadership community with a global perspective that inspires communities, organizations and individuals.

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